Moving Documents Around in the Outliner

Hi. I’ve owned Scrivener for a while, though I’ve mostly used the corkboard for organizing documents.

However, I just started writing an article for which the outliner is more useful. I’d never used the outliner before and I think it’s really fantastic.

However, I have a few questions/suggestions:

Sometimes I find it hard to rearrange documents in the outliner. I end up placing a document inside another document instead of below that document.

So, my question is: Is there a way to move documents around in the outliner via keyboard shortcuts? Specifically, I’d like to be able to select a document in the outliner and then movie it up and down by hitting some keys. I tried hitting some keys I thought might logically work and nothing happened. I also skimmed the manual, but it’s large and I didn’t see what I was looking for.

As a suggestion: It might be nice, in the outliner, if there were some buttons that allowed moving documents around. Although, I’m not totally sure where in the interface those buttons should be.



You can use the same keyboard shortcuts for Move Up/Down/Right/Left in the outliner as in the binder, Ctrl-Cmd-Up/Down/Right/Left Arrow. You can also add buttons to the main toolbar by right-clicking on the toolbar or choosing View > Customize Toolbar…. Additionally, if you don’t have “Option-dragging creates duplicates” enabled in the Navigation preferences, you can hold the Opt key while dragging to prevent accidentally dropping onto another document and making the dropped item a child of that document. (You can still drop onto folders and document groups.)

Great, thanks a lot for the help! Solves all my issues.