Moving documents in the binder using the keyboard (RC9)

If I want to move a document—currently selected in the binder—up above the previous document (or down below the next) I press the control key and the appropriate arrow and everything works great.

If, however, I want to move a document more than one spot above (or below) I need to release and press the control key each and every time!!!

I think this has been going on for a few RCs, and I’ve been meaning to report it, but I didn’t figure out what I needed to do to make it work until just now.

Can it be changed that I just have to press and hold the control key once, then press the arrow keys the appropriate number of times again like (I think) it used to work?

I cannot reproduce this on RC9. Holding down Ctrl, then repeatedly pressing an arrow key repeatedly repositions the document in the binder. I don’t need to release and re-press the Ctrl key. It works correctly, and I recall it working correctly in every previous beta. At least, I can’t recall it ever not working.

I can’t imagine what you’d be doing differently with your fingers that would cause this not to work, so perhaps it’s something in your project or your binder structure or your keyboard? Not that I have any idea what that would be. :frowning: Does this fail for you with all your projects?


Yep. Perhaps I should check if the batteries on my wireless keyboard are low. :wink: