Moving elements in outline view using shortcuts

I’m not able to move elements in the outline view using the control + command + arrow shortcut (like you can in the binder). Haven’t changed any settings related to this as far as I know. Hope there is a way to fix this.

Is the outliner sorted? You can only move items when it isn’t alphabetically sorted. Perhaps you could post a screenshot of what you are trying to do?

If it’s not sorted, it sounds like you may be viewing a multiple selection, made up of various selected documents in the binder. Does it say “Multiple Selection” in the outliner header? If that’s the case, since the documents can be drawn from anywhere in the project, they can’t be moved around at all in the outliner since their placement is only relative to one another. If your binder looks like this:

  • doc A
  • doc B
  • doc C
  • doc D
    and you’re viewing only documents A, B, and D, moving A between B and D in the outliner wouldn’t be able to specify whether you want to move A before C or after it in the actual project hierarchy. Even if you’ve selected a continuous section of the binder, Scrivener necessarily treats it as an arbitrary selection and prevents you moving the pieces around in the outliner or corkboard.

Instead, select just the top container folder of the documents you want to work with in the outliner. You’ll then be able to move them around as in the binder.

The other case I can think of off the top of my head is that you might be viewing a saved search collection, in which case the contents also can’t be moved, even when viewing the collection in the binder; their ordering is dynamically adjusted according to the actual placement of the documents in the project.

No, the elements were not sorted. After reading your answers I discovered I was able to move the elements around as normal in another Scrivener project I had open. I then restared, and now it works in every project. I’m using the latest version of Scrivener on Snow Leopard if that is of any help.