Moving file or folder from Scrivener 1 to Scrivener "3" Beta 22 multiplies items by 9


So, I’m not sure you’re aware of this, so I’m posting it for your attention anyway.

I have been taking the chance to move files (one by one) from a Scrivener for Windows v1.xx project so that I can also restructure and purge stuff and so on as I move over to the upcoming Scrivener 3 version for Windows. Am currently on latest version in both cases, so also on latest Scrivener 3 beta.

What happens is: when I move a file (drag and drop) from a Scrivener 1.xx project to a Scrivener 3 Beta 22 window, the file does copy and all.

BUT: For one thing, the item notes do not follow on into Scrivener 3, even though the text and any images from “inside the file” do.

Aaaand… the interesting thing is… I don’t get one copy of the file in my target binder in Scrivener 3. I get 9 items. Same item, neatly stacked together and everything. But I end up having to delete 8 of them, as obviously I just need the one.

Not sure if I would call any of these things very problematic, but it is a bit annoying, so I thought that if you haven’t seen these things before or had them reported, I’ll just report them for you now. And you’ll get to decide if they are considered bugs or whatever as you take a look at it. It’s just to let you know, really.

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By drag and drop, are your just actually copying it and pasting the file directly into Scrivener 3 and not importing it? This would explain the notes not being copied.

Or did you import it from its ver 1 to ver 3? If not, that would be the best way to do so. Be aware though that due to changes in the file structure you will not be able to take it back to ver 1. But your file is still there, just zipped and you can still access it minus any new changes you make to it in ver 3.

@xenonexia is right. I noticed the same behaviour… Drag and drop a text file, e.g. a character sheet, from 1.9 into a Beta 3 project, it will make always 9 of them in the target project, so I had to delete 8 after dropping…

Yes, exactly that.

I’m doing drag and drop of a file from one to the other. I think that is a simpler and better solution to trying to copy text and moving it to a new file in the other project. Mostly as everything looks okay when moved that way and images follow between them as well.

It’s just that thing with having to delete the long row of “extra copies” that is a little bit annoying after a while, when I’ve been doing that same process over and over a fair few times.

Not sure why that happens, but I’m thinking it might be worth having a look at anyway.

No, I decided against doing a full import of the project from 1.9.X to the Scrivener3 Beta, as now was a chance for me to purge unnecessary files, recreate and sort my binder in a much better way and so on. So I’m actually moving every file separately. So I am not opening every file and copying the text and everything either, in order to move the text to a new file. I’m actually just moving every file from binder to binder.

And that is when I get not one but nine copies of every file. Every file is also identical. I don’t experience any data loss or somesuch. But it turns into quite the labor when you’ve done quite a lot of those moves and will have to purge so many extra copies in Scrivener 3 binder, for every file that is being transferred. Not a deal breaker. But I would love to see it fixed in the future, though.

Hello xenonexia,

I have not yet been able to replicate this. Could you please send a small project (from 1.9) that displays this issue when you move the files into a 3.0 project? You can send it to Please also add a link to this thread.

Thank you for your help with this.

Yeah, About that. For some reason, I can’t seem to be able to reproduce the issue with newly created or smaller projects. I can replicate it, but only in larger projects I’ve been working on for some time now. Projects I’ve seen through quite a few software upgrades over time. Not sure what that implicates, or if that is just coincidence. Absolutely no idea. But I’ve taken some time now in order to be able to give you the perfect candidate to strip down and experiment on. Just doesn’t work like that. Or Scrivener has gotten its own life and with it, quite certainly, its own sense of humor. It must be laughing so hard at me right now. It just has to be.

Hi again!
Since there seems to be no way to reproduce this with smaller och newly created projects, is there any other way I can help you get the information you need?

What happens when you create a copy of the problematic project (via the File->Save As or Back Up->Back Up To… menus)? Does the problem persist in that copy? If so, you could delete all but a few files in the copy, empty the trash, and make sure the problem persists still. If so, then you can sent that copy.

If you don’t want to share your writing in this way, you can also do a project search & replace for a bunch of letters, replacing them all with ‘X’.

P.S. Couldn’t you do the same thing by not using two different versions of Scrivener? Create a new empty project in v3, convert your old project to v3, and then selectively copy the converted project to the empty v3 project. Not quite as elegant, but you’d already have a backup copy made of the version 1 project as part of the conversion process, so you could safely dispose of the v3 converted copy once you’re done building the new copy.

Maybe (not sure this will work), outside Scrivener, copy the project directory into a new one. Rename it (say, to Project-copy-test). Edit it by deleting most documents from it (down to like 1 or 2); see if it causes the same behavior. If so, zip it up and send that?

In terms of the copy 9x, I’m wondering what would happen if you converted it into a new Beta 24 project, and used that for selective copy/paste instead of the original 1.9.x project?

What I’m trying to do right now is (since this isn’t a thing that seems to happen all the time) to make sure I actually isolate a document and a certain note that I know will cause this problem. I’ll make a copy of that document, and will take your suggestions on erasing most of the rest of the document in order to be able to protect my work and also have a more functional size of the project when I end up sending it to the team.

Sadly, I’ve had a period of illness inbetween and haven’t been in a state where I felt I had the energy to do a lot. Either work on my current projects or for bug fighting. But I’ll make sure I get this done as soon as I can.

Thank you all for your help and suggestions. I appreciate it a lot.