Moving Files Around

I am constantly switching between my Desktop and Portable. What is the best way to move projects back and forth. Do you simply copy the folder to a usb drive? Or is there a better syncing method for a large book project?

Dear Guyon

I, and many other Scrivener users, use Dropbox to work on projects on multiple machines.

I have no experience of your devices, but the following article has good advice, if you think Dropbox might suit your needs. … c-services

I mainly use the “alternate” method described in the lower half of the article Briar Kit linked to, but I also just use local file sharing over wifi or USB sticks if the project is larger—basically how I would work with any other folder.

I also use the alternate method, in part because my sync engine of choice is OneDrive and I’ve not been able to settle on a decent source control repository and clients.