moving files between stacks

i am a total newbie and have accidentally put chapter four under chapter three and both of those under chapter two. How do I move both of those files to the left in the binder outline, so the are directly beneath the first two chapters in the folder? Dragging and Dropping is NOT working for me.

Second question, how do i prevent this, for example, when i go to create chapter five, how exactly do i do that? I am an American and do not follow the entire tutorial.



That’s no problem! Scrivener was designed to make these sorts of movements easy. If you change your mind about a scene or chapter going here or there, you should be able to just move it to another place without all of the cutting and pasting. That’s one of the core ideas behind the outline in the sidebar.

It sounds like a mouse problem might be interfering with normal drag and drop however. I’ve seen one other case of that. The keyboard shortcuts should work. You can move things around by clicking on them and then holding down Ctrl and pressing one of the four arrow keys. You can control indent, and move the items up or down this way. Some find that easier that drag and drop anyway (myself included!).

Well I’m not sure, since I don’t know what caused them to get out of order. It could be you accidentally hit those keystrokes and didn’t realise the change until later.

As an aside, regarding what making a fifth chapter looks like, I’d have to know what kind of outlining style you prefer. Are you writing individual scene files, organising them into folders, or what? Speaking very generally though, there is nothing magical about this aspect of Scrivener. What you see in front of you is literally what you could copy for making the next chapter. If your chapters look like folders with a scattering of files in them, then make a folder below it and start writing files into that. Consistency is usually (there are advanced exceptions) more important that what precisely you do.

But like I say, it’s usually easy to move stuff around, so you don’t ordinarily have to worry so much about hitting every button in the right order. If you make a mistake you can undo it. You can even convert files into folders by right-clicking on them. :slight_smile: