Moving Files/Folders across projects & wierd icon change

So, I have two Scrivener projects open. When I drag a folder from one project to the other, the icon on the old location changes to look like an old computer print out (you know, the continuous dot matrix printer paper with dots on the right side). The new location just looks like a folder. The other thing I’ve noticed, is that the older one you lose the ability to “Convert to Files” if you 2finger-click it. Same in the Documents > Convert menu, all the options are grayed out except “Formatting to Default Text Style”. What is going on? Is this some sort of bug?

Could you post a screenshot of the icon change? Your description doesn’t ring any bells. There is a yellowish icon with hole-punches along the left that indicate a file is set up for scriptwriting, even amongst the custom icons—closest to dot matrix would probably be the Notes variations, but these are embellished on the left side… You can make a small screenshot with Shift-Cmd-4 and then draw a rectangle around the location you wish to snap a shot of. This will put a file on the desktop you can attach to a post here.

Sorry, you are right, the holes are to the left, but its not quite yellowish. Here’s a pic of it, but I also tried to recreate what I had previously done with a dummy folder of simple documents, and nothing happened. There are all sorts of comments/notes/footnotes etc. in the non-dummy, wasn’t sure if I needed to recreate that as well.

If this is the scriptwriting set-up, what made it that way? Did I do it unintentionally? Can I change it back?
Screen shot 2011-09-09 at 5.37.16 PM.png

Okay, the first icon is a normal folder of course. Below that is the Draft folder’s default icon. You can’t convert the Draft folder to a file, so if you are selecting that and trying to convert it, that would explain why you cannot. It also cannot have any text directly within it, so other functions will be disabled. The Draft is one of the three special folders in Scrivener that you can never delete or move out of the top level, and is the one that is used by the Compiler to assemble all of the pieces within it into a single document. The one below that looks like something with custom icon, “Pile of Paper”. That particular icon is the old Scrivener 1.x draft folder icon, but that is no longer used in 2.x unless you manually change it to that yourself.

There are no scripting icons amongst these, so you’re fine on that score.

I’m not sure why you witnessed a normal folder turn into the Draft folder. That should be totally impossible.

Thanks for clearing that up. The confusion is clearly on my side. I have no idea how these particular drafts became the draft folder, but I think from moving things back and forth I lost track of which was the main draft folder (and I do tinker with the draft icons, but was surprised it wasn’t a folder by default). I was worried after your first reply since I noticed that converting to script shortcut is cmd-8, and adding footnotes is the oh-so-similar ^-cmd-8, so thought that it might’ve been that.

Thanks again for your help, much appreciated.

Every project has one Draft folder - that cannot be deleted and is always present. It is the most important folder in Scrivener because anything placed in there is intended for the final manuscript; the Draft folder is used by Compile to produce the final text, it is where the components of the manuscript itself go (as you no doubt know).

When you drag the Draft folder to another project, that other project already has its own Draft folder, and cannot have more than one. So when you drop a Draft folder from another project, it becomes a regular folder in the project it has been dropped into (thus taking on a regular folder icon). You can then drag things out of that and into the real Draft folder for that project if you need to. (The same applies for the Research and Trash folders, which are also special one-per-project folders.)

Hope that helps.

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