Moving Files from Ipad without Dropbox

I need to move files off an iPad without using Dropbox. I can wire the iPad to my Mac.
Scrivener is on both machines.
I looked at this: Moving files from iOS to Mac
but Dropbox is required.
I can’t access Dropbox on the iPad here, the Internet is restricted.
Surely someone has had this issue.

I’d use the manual iOS backup process to create a ZIP of the project on your iPad.

Depending on the ZIP’s size, you might be able to AirDrop it or transfer it to the Mac from there. Emailing might also be an option if the ZIP is small enough.

If you ZIP the project, you can use Resilio Sync - it’s like Dropbox without an external server. It will work if the Mac and iPad are on the same wifi.

iPads handle external drives these days. You might try whatever secure methods you have for using them.

However, Airdrop works like a dream and you could encrypt the zip, too.

You can copy Scriv projects directly from a wire-connected iPad to your Mac. In current macOS, in Finder, open a finder window on the iPad (which will show in the Finder binder under Locations) – just as you would do to backup your ipad to your Mac.* Click on the Files tab in the resulting window, and twiddle open the Scrivener item on the apps list you see there. You should see there listed any Scrivener projects (.scriv) that are stored locally on your iPad. You can drag (copy) these directly to your Mac Desktop. [[Probably, for good measure, you should first on the iPad back out of any Scrivener projects you are in.]]

The same procedure followed here applies to many iPad/iPhone apps that maintain files.

(*) If you are on an older MacOS, you would open the iTunes/Music app to access these things.

This worked.
It took a while to find the files under iTunes…

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