moving files from one section into another under one project

I am relatively new to Scrivener and I am using it to write the last chapter of my dissertation. So far it’s been great but I am now running into issues. For some reason I am unable to drag and drop files from one section into another under the same project. I’ve organized my binder into three main sections (the chapter where I am doing all my writing (this is further divided into folders which have additional files), a Research section, and an Image section. I want to move some of the images from the image section into my writing section, into a new folder where all the images will be that I address in my chapter. How do I do this? It seems silly to have to export it and import it again. This issue is starting to drive me a bit nuts, I’ve tried a few things and nothing seems to work. Please help!

My second question: I want to format all my images under a figure section, with proper labels, at the end of the chapter. Is this easy to do? How do I do it?
Thank you!

Ok, so I think I know what the issue is now…the Chapter folder is a “draft” folder which for some reason does not support images.
I have successfully linked images to my writing (by creating something akin to a hyperlink). Is there a way to have those hypelinks included in the final compilation? This would save me a lot of time - the alternative is to paste the images into my research folder and compile that. I have a lot of images and I’ve already taken the time to create the links…

Images require formatting to make sense within the context of a document. A bare image inserted between two text documents wouldn’t be very useful from a document production standpoint. Should the image use the formatting of the last paragraph from the document it follows (I can think of very few publishing standards that would work with that approach as most figures sit aloof from body text formatting)? The first from the next? Its own formatting—and if its own, where is that set up since there is no text editor in an image viewer? I just doesn’t make sense to do things that way, and additionally most people insert figures in the middle of a topic. Unnecessarily splitting up a section into fragments, merely to accommodate the placement of images, would promote a use of Scrivener that isn’t very efficient (it’s fine to people to use it that way if they want, but you shouldn’t have to cut up a section into a dozen pieces just because there are eleven figures within it, I’d rather see people with a dozen pieces because it makes logical sense to have an outline that way).

Instead, why not just drag the images into the text where they belong, like in a word processor? If you prefer menus for this, use Edit/Insert/Image From File…. That’s the approach Scrivener takes, because it is familiar from nearly all word processors and allows you to manage the appearance of images with formatting tools, like centre alignment and special spacing properties around it, as well as typing in a caption below/above it.

That’s another approach, yes. You are probably referring to typing in something like:

<$img:Name Of Image in Binder>

This approach is usually better for integrating with some form of automation, or as a preference if you don’t really want to burden the text editor with a bunch of graphics. It’s meant to be an advanced and special-purpose feature though, not a go-to solution.