Moving folders

I have saved a temp document with the folders I want in my other projects and I keep on having the stopped responding message.

If you can successfully open the project, you can delete a problem document by locking the editor on a different document, then moving the not-responding one to the trash and emptying the trash:

  1. Load a document in the binder that opens without issue.

  2. Choose View > Editor > Lock in Place. The header of the editor will turn a dark pink and clicks in the binder will no longer affect the editor.

  3. Select the problem document in the binder and move it to the trash (Shift+Delete).

  4. Make sure the trash contains only documents you want to permanently delete–if you’re unsure about anything in there, drag it out of the trash temporarily.

  5. Once the trash contains only documents you want to obliterate, right-click and choose Empty Trash and click OK to the confirmation.

  6. Deselect View > Editor > Lock in Place to unlock the editor.

If you’re not able to load the project and follow these steps because the problem document is trying to load in the editor from startup, you will need to delete the file directly from the project folder when the project is closed. In the Windows file browser, right-click the project’s .scriv folder and choose “Send to \ Compressed (zipped) folder” to make a backup (just as a precaution), then navigate into the folder’s Files\Docs folder. This contains all the documents in the project, named with their ID number. I suggest switching to the Details view in the file browser so you can sort by date or by file type to help locate the document you want to trash. In more recent versions of Windows, you can preview the documents in the file browser without needing to open them.

Once you’ve found the document that’s causing trouble, just delete it from the project. When you re-open the project in Scrivener, you’ll still see the item listed in the binder, but clicking it will just show an empty editor. You can trash that in the binder to finish cleaning up.