Moving footnote

Forgive me if this has been answered elsewhere. I have been struggling without success to move a footnote. It is attached to a sentence on page 33 and I want to move it so that it is instead attached to sentence on page 36. I thought it would be simple to do this ie copy existing footnote and delete it. Open new footnote on p 36. But Scrivener will not let me select and copy the footnote. Is there a way round this?

To move it that far:

  1. double click the footnote and copy or cut the text;
  2. click the little ‘x’ in the top right corner, that will delete the footnote at that location;
  3. highlight the sentence/word to which you now want to attach the footnote;
  4. create a footnote (Ctrl-Cmd-8 or from the Insert menu);
  5. paste in the text from your clipboard.

For future reference, if you think you’ might need to do this periodically, you might like to explore using a “footnote marker” which you can set in Project > Project Settings… > Formatting. If you use a footnote marker, you can drag and drop it to a different point, or with a right click you can cut or copy the marker and paste it in the new location, and the footnote text will go with it.

N.B. The use of the footnote marker is set on an individual project basis. If you want it to be your default, make your own project template with it set and start new projects from that.