Moving footnotes and comments (again)

I posted about this about a year ago, and now it is happening again: My inspector footnotes, or rather the place they are linked to in the text move around. For example, I have one at the end of a sentence, now it is in the middle (!) of the second word of the next sentence.
I am using Dropbox, but I only ever open the project on one machine.
This is very strange… any idea?


I’m sorry you’re suffering from this again. I have made some changes to the latest beta ( ) that should at least fix up the issue should it occur. I’m still at a loss as to the actual cause, though. I did see one project recently where it seemed to be caused by having footnotes inside a table, with a file that had just been imported - does that sound familiar in your case at all?

Would it be possible to zip up and send the project to us so that I can inspect it for clues?

Thanks and all the best,

Do you always zip the backup file sent to Dropbox?
In my experience, that’s the best way to protect Scrivener projects.

I’m having the same problem. I, too, use Dropbox but only ever open the project on my Macbook. And I’m not sure how to “zip” the file as the other user suggests below—especially because every time I save a draft of the file, it automatically also saves to dropbox.