Moving footnotes in Scrivener for Windows

Can someone help me with a question about footnotes? I am an academic whose main activity is writing books, book chapters, articles and the like. All of these forms of writing require copious footnotes.

If I draft an article in Microsoft Word, I can move the contents of a footnote from one place to another simply by cutting the footnote indicator (the superscript number in the text) and pasting it in the new position. Perhaps I am missing something obvious, but I cannot see how to do this in the Windows version of Scrivener. I like Scrivener, but if it is impossible to move a footnote in this way then that’s it I’m afraid, I will have to give up using the programme! I will be delighted if someone tells me that I have simply failed to understand, and that this most basic of features is in fact available.

Many thanks in advance.

I think this post answers the same question. Inline footnotes will be your easiest option at the moment, as they can just be cut and pasted like normal text.