Moving from blanc type project to Novel type project

I started trying Scrievener by importing a lot of documents and fooling around with structure and meta data etc using a blank template for initialisation. Now I realise that I could benefit from using the Novel (with parts) project template, but that there is too much work done in the project to start anew.
Is it possible to import the data from my ’blank type’ project into a new ’Novel type’ project?
Or would it be better to adapt the settings etc in the present project into a ’Novel with parts’ project? I looks like a lot.
Is there a check list for what needs to be adapted?

There’s nothing all that special about the Novel With Parts project template. Just organize your Draft folder to have parts folders with chapters in them (either chapter folders that contain scene documents, or just chapter documents), then choose the “Novel with Parts” compile preset at a starting point, and you’re most of the way there.

You can read up on “Front Matter” in the manual if you want/need to use that feature.

You are right. No problem!