Moving from IOS to macOS and Dropbox

How do I get Scrivener for macOS to hook up with my Dropbox account that I’ve been using until now with my iPad Pro please?

Until now, I’ve always used Scrivener on my iPad or iPad Pro and have never had any issues. Scrivener has always been happy to bounce between iPads and backup has been flawless (even though I was terrified of using Dropbox - I have an iCloud preference because Dropbox and my old laptop ate my first book years ago).

Now I have an iMac and I’ve uploaded a trial Scrivener for iMac, and then purchased it. I did so believing that my new Scrivener software on iMac would just connect with my current Dropbox.

I hadn’t figured on my iMac picking up an old Dropbox that had never hooked up with Scrivener which is what it did (and no, not the one with my first book either :unamused: ).

Even though I’ve logged out of that Dropbox account, and logged into the one with all my Scrivener files in it, Scrivener still isn’t picking the Dropbox account up, and I have no clue how to point it in the right direction.

I’m certain that there is a simple method - I just cannot put my finger on it. So if anyone out there can assist me, I’d be greatly appreciative of their assistance.

Once you install the Dropbox software on the Mac, your Dropbox folder should appear as just another location in Finder. And if you’re already using Dropbox to share between iPads, your Scrivener projects are probably within the Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener sub-folder. (That’s the default.)

If you aren’t able to connect to the account that has your iPad’s Dropbox folder, that might be a question for Dropbox support.


Have you installed the Dropbox app on the Mac?

No. I haven’t installed the application on iMac because it’s not available to me to do so. I’m astounded by just how many apps that do not cross between the iPads and the iMac.

NB: I’ve never owned an iMac or Mac before. Only ever had the iPhones and the iPads.

It is free at

Without it your Mac can’t access the Dropbox server so Scrivener can access the projects you have on Db. Download, install and log in to the app. Then wait for the app to download everything you have in your Dropbox to the Mac. When you get all green tickmarks your are good to go.

Edit: One big difference between Mac OS and iOS is that on iOS you can only get apps from the App store. On a Mac you can download many apps directly from developers, from their web page.

Oh my! Thank you ever so much. Like the majority of writers, I’m broke. So buying this application for $66.00 AUD was not an option. I thought I was going to have to go back to using my iPad… and I really do love my Mac.
Many thanks. I’d buy you a beer I’m that ecstatic!

The free Dropbox accounts aren’t that big so I use other cloud services for most other things, like Mega based in New Zealand.


Thanks for the heads up… I had enough trouble with Dropbox which is connected, without trying for something else. Lol. However I do appreciate the thought.
Annoyingly enough, I pay $4.99 p/m for extra iCloud storage and have more than enough - If I had a choice, I’d use iCloud and iCloud alone.
I’m a simple girl. Simple works best for me. :smiley:

Most cloud services have a free tier, and together you get quite a lot of space :smiley:
I have the 200 Gb iCloud as well, and what’s even better is that my Mac:s suddenly update their iCloud folder again. Yippie! They stopped doing that in april but sometime during Christmas or the turn of the year everything started working again. Strange but fun.

As mentioned in several threads, Dropbox is the only approved cloud service for synching Scrivener due to Scriveners file structure.

Big tip, find a few friends not yet using Dropbox and invite them to install. I have a free approx 7Gb as a result, plenty of room for my projects and a shared folder for a private business.

Like many, I wish Apple would tweak iCloud to be useable with Scrivener as I have a free 2TB for using my iCloud with the company I work for. :smiley: