Moving from Mac to PC

I have decided that my next computer will be a convertible 2 in 1 touchscreen PC. form my 9 year old Mac. I have used Scrivener for the past few years and am very happy with it. Though my computer is just to old to do what I want. I was about to ask how Scrivener for Windows 3 is coming along but in reading some of the other posts I will hold off on asking.

If I have Scrivener 3 license for Mac will I have to purchase a new license for the Windows release? My guess is yes but it does not hurt to ask.

Thank you for making such a great writing tool. I look forward to you Windows 3 release.
Cheers and Stay Well

Yes, the separate platforms require separate licenses.

Unfortunately you will need a separate license.

The Windows version 3 is coming along very well. It’s in release candidate now, and I have been using it on and off for months now (off only because I write a lot on Linux, and the Linux version can’t read V3 projects) and it’s very stable already. The one annoyance is the beta runs out and needs a new install.

Don’t buy a license yet and use the beta until V3 it’s released. The current release version it’s valid for a whole month so it should not be much of a hassle to reinstall that often. The process it’s automatic and keeps your settings.

Good luck.

Ok, thanks for all the information. Not to be a pain, but does anyone know an approximate date Scrivener 3 for Windows will be released? A month, 2 months,… 5,6… or do you not want to say as to not pin yourself down. Ill be the first to purchase a copy.

L&L is not saying when Windows v3 will be released. The only clue is we are at beta version Release Candidate 5.

Technically, everyone who has bought a Scriver for Windows license from a certain date has already bought a copy of Scrivener 3 for Windows… :smiley: