moving keywords between large documents

Say I had document A and document B both of which were viewed in Scrivenings mode. Say also that I had copies of document A and document B, but the difference is they have keywords. If I wanted to copy the keywords to the first set of documents from the second, could I copy and paste them? Would that work if I had 200 documents? 2000 documents?

Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure I understand your question but I can and do copy and paste keywords from one entry to another. For more than one keyword, simple select each and copy. I would assume the same copying can be done until the copy content is changed.

To clarify, I have a project with 1000+ document with keywords. I want to copy the keywords for those documents from one project to another project with the same documents, but without keywords, so I don’t have to go file by file and add them.

I have tested this and find no way to copy keywords from documents in Scrivenings mode between projects. I have also tried to do this in Outliner mode, but I cannot seem to copy just the keywords.