moving licence

Hi - my G4 powerbook is dying, slowly (half the display has gone, replaced by a b&w rectangle and it is pretty useless apart from for browsing), and so I have bought a new macbook that I should get before the end of the week - so - how do I transfer my licence for scrivener to the new machine, which, obviously will be running on lepoard (and is there anything I should know about with running in Lepoard?). Thanks.

i just had to rebuild my system and discovered that the scriv lic seems to be in the home directory of the user. I did an rsync backup of my home dir before the rebuild and an rsync restore and did not have to provide a key.

I am sure Keith can point to an exact file, but if you want all your home data to transfer this might be easiest.

Not sure if this would play well with leopard…

You just need to re-enter the licence info you received in the confirmation e-mail (if you’ve lost it, e-mail me and I can resend it).

thanks - sounds too simple to be true - even a luddite like me can understand it.

all done - and with the wonderful ‘migration assistant’ all pretty painless. No issues with Leopard yet - although it does seem to have a bit of a problem with skype… but that’s a discussion for another place.

also found out that my powerbook (actually a work machine) has still got three months applecare warranty left, so maybe it can be brought back from the dead… who knows. This is a much faster machine but the keyboard on the G4 is a helluva lot better.

True … but I’ve never had any. Are you using the latest version of Skype? I’m on the latest 2.7 beta and have never had any trouble.


thanks - I’m not sure. best check it out.