Moving machines

I’m about to throw my old laptop out the window and want to know if I can move my Scrivener license to my new laptop? If so, how? Thanks

Hi maraudernz,

Welcome to the forums.

Just download & install Scrivener to your new machine, then use your old serial number to activate it on the new machine.

See the URL below for more info about licensing. Particularly, see the link called Windows Tips at the bottom, which will take you to a page that discusses the transfer process in more detail, including a link to the Windows download page, and how to transfer your preferences.

Scrivener projects are folders, so be sure to move the entire folder, not just the .scrivx file. You should also transfer your zipped backups, just in case. Before you toss that old laptop out the window, you may want to remove the hard drive, in the event you realize you’ve forgotten something. :smiley:

Hope that helps. Reply back with any other questions.