Moving one project to a different project style

I wrote a script in the screenplay project template, but I need to have it in the UK play template instead. I tried all sorts of things but couldn’t get it to change templates so just cut and pasted my text, matching the style. It wasn’t in the right format (the dialogue was still in the wrong place) but I fiddled around a bit and using the shift key got it all in the right places. However when I compile the script the dialogue runs all over the place, and when I can change it in Scrivener it makes no difference; it looks find in the Scrivener file, but rubbish in the preview. I assume the formatting from the old template is still hanging around and I’ve probably buggered it up by tabbing all over the place.

Is there a way to copy the script into perhaps Word and then import it so it can be easily moved to the right position in Scrivener? At this rate I am going to have to type the entire script out again in the right template. Or do I need to find a programme to strip out all the formatting?

When you switched to UK Stageplay, were you using the main Format/Scriptwriting menu to select the target script format? That’s how you want to convert from one scripting format to another. I should caution that it isn’t always a flawless process, and you may need to proof the result carefully, but that’s going to be a lot more efficient than Paste and Match Style and laboriously re-applying elements to every line.

It may be better to just try that, going back to the original, rather than trying to salvage the current attempt.