Moving project within computer

How can I move my project, that is, my XXXX.scriv folder, to a different position in my PC directory? It currently resides in a sub-folder of “My Documents” and I would like to place it directly within “My Documents,” thus eliminating that sub-folder, which has nothing else in it.
Can I use the ordinary cut/paste or “copy/paste/delete original” method?
. Something tells me that is not wise to do with a Scrivener project

When you have your project open, go to File>Save As and save it to the new location. Scrivener will create a whole new project there, with all the subfolders. Once you are satisfied that it works from that new location, you can delete the old one off your directory. If you want to leave the old version alone, you could also add a version number to the file saved to the new location so there is no confusion about which version is which.

Will the “save as” method preserve all the project’s internal links to backups, syncs, etc.?

Your backups will continue to be sent to the folder you specify in Scrivener options.

What do you mean by “syncs”? Are you using DropBox and sharing the project with other devices?

Backups are a program-wide location setting, so Scrivener will continue to place the backups (any name, any version number) in the same location. I don’t use Scrivener to sync to other devices, so I don’t know how that works. If it’s just one or two devices, it should be easy enough to re-sync.

Thanks for the quick replies on backups. On syn I’m only using sync to external folder. Will that be unaffected if I move the project? I;

Hi RafeS,

I’ve never used Sync to External Folder, but based on the manual, it seems straightforward.

Similar to how Scrivener points to a folder for backups, when you set up Sync to External Folder (File > Sync > with External Folder) you pointed Scrivener to a folder that you’re sharing with some other software.

If the folder reorganization you’re doing doesn’t impact that external folder, i.e., the folder will remain where it is, then Scrivener will continue to go to that location for syncing.

But if you’ve changed the location of the external folder, then you need to repoint Scrivener and the other software to the new location.

Again, I haven’t used this feature, so hopefully someone else with experience will chime in.