Moving projects between computers

Hi all,

Using Scrivner on both my laptop and desktop. What is the best (recommended) way of moving my project between systems?

Many users have good luck with Dropbox. Many users simply use a flash drive to copy from one to the other and back. Some use email or network drives. Really whatever method is easiest for you should be doable.

Things to watch out for:

  • Remember that a project is a folder, containing subfolders and potentially hundreds or thousands of files. Make sure that whatever solution you choose copies everything. The most robust solution would be the File -> Backup -> Backup To command, with the .ZIP file option checked.

  • If you choose a synchronization service like Dropbox, read this post for best practices to avoid possible data corruption:

  • Always back up your files. If you are using multiple computers, I’d suggest having each one keep Scrivener’s automatic backups locally (the default). That way, any data transfer issues should be recoverable by going back to a pre-transfer backup. Look at Tools -> Options -> Backup to make sure the backup options match the way you work.

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This knowledge base article offers a cleanly summarized version of working with Dropbox or other sync service in a couple different ways.