Moving projects from Ulysses to Scrivener

Well, I don’t know. Someone may want to do this …

I recently moved my work from Ulysses to Scrivener, so I thought I’d jot down a few notes that might help other folk.

If you followed the Blue-Tec’s instructions, you will still have the original (1.2) version of your Ulysses project on your. At the time of writing, the beta for 1.5 doesn’t have a full set of exporters, so you’re better off running version 1.2 and running the export from that.

[i]“Question, Ray; why can’t I just copy and paste my text straight from Ulysses to Scrivener? Why do I need the export at all?â€

Alternatively, you could use the Text exporter, which can also export files in the RTF format, but also allows you to configure extra stuff like line spacing. As I said, not that important because Scrivener can fix that later.