Moving Projects

I tried opening my book in the V3. It asked if I wanted to update the existing one and that it would save the project . All I can see is the stuff in my binder but when I click on anything in my binder all my words are missing. I tried going to the old version and just copy and past into the new one but it’s missing there as well. Please Help me find my book. This is 4 years in the making.

Did you move from one computer to another? Or did you relocate your project from one folder to another?

I ask, because is sounds like you found the .scrivx file (the index of binder titles and some other bits of info) and copied it somewhere before you tried to convert your project. Make sure that the original project folder, and all of its contents (including the .scrivx file) are included in any attempt to copy your project, because all of that stuff is your project.

I was moving from one folder to another. I think you might be right on the .scrivxfile. I think this that is the one I clicked on. There are so many files. Which one am I suppose to click on. When I open some they are empty. Do you know how I can fix this problem.

To move or copy a project, you have to copy the folder that contains the .scrivx file. That folder and all of its contents are important, as the .scrivx file is just the index of the contents of your project. Your project is the enclosing folder that contains the .scrivx file and all of the other folders and files therein.

You need to get to the original copy of your project… Are you on a new computer? If so, can you get to the old one? What about a full-disk backup of your computer? If you’re on the same computer, can you locate where you copied the .scrivx file from? That folder and all of its contents + the scrivx file need to be in place.

Or maybe try finding the backups of your project… When you quit Scrivener, by default it makes a copy in a “backups” folder, which has a default location. Load up Scrivener with any project, then go to the preferences (on version 1, that’s Tools->Options->Backups, on version 3, I think that’s File->Preferences->Backups… I don’t have it installed on this computer to check). In that settings pane, there will be a button that will open the Windows file browser to that folder (confusingly called Windows Explorer, not to be confused with Internet Explorer). The files there (probably .zip compressed archives) will contain recent copies of your project that you can then copy. Don’t edit those directly in that folder, copy them elsewhere, and then right-click and “extract all” to get a working copy of your project folder and all of its contents.

Bear in mind that on the Windows side (not familiar with Mac) the “.scrivx” file will be located in a folder that has a similar “scriv” extension. So by default, a project named “My Novel” will get launched by a file named “My Novel.scrivx” that is itself located at the top level of a folder with the nearly identical name: “My Novel.scriv.”

I point this out because it’s relatively unusual for routine user data folders to be given extensions.

MacOS supports “packages,” which display the Scrivener project folder as a file with the .scriv extension. It carries over to Windows Scrivener for compatibility reasons.