Moving Scrivener app & files to another Mac

Hi fellas,

I’m about ready to take a working vacation & I do not yet have Scrivener nor all my files on my laptop. I do have an extra copy of app & files on an external HD via CarbonCopy.

Is there a special or certain way to do this procedure?

Kindly lemme know.

This is pretty easy to do. I have created a checklist which explains how to copy all of your settings and such to a second computer. As for the projects, you can open them normally once Scrivener is up and running on the new machine.

First off, thanx for replying. I duly went to & read from the hyperlink.

“load up Scrivener if necessary, and access the general application preferences (Cmd-,).”

Load up? Access? I guess you missed that HS sophomore class on writing where the T said assume no prior knowledge. :wink:

BTW the Scrivener stuff is coming from an external HD, if that makes a difference.

Ha, yes. If you don’t spell everything out to a certain level though, then it can be a little hard to follow along. That said, I probably don’t need to spell out that the application needs to be running in order to access its preferences. :slight_smile:

Are you going to be bringing the external drive along with you on the trip? If so, there isn’t much you need to do, beyond transferring your preferences over to the laptop and getting it activated with your serial number. You could even do without that if you run a mostly stock install. You can run Scrivener directly from the external drive, even, that shouldn’t be a problem, but you can always drag it to the Applications folder on the laptop if you want.

Nope. Sorry this whole section does not seem to match my scenario:

" 1. Quit Scrivener on the second computer.
2. On the first computer, load up Scrivener if necessary, and access the general application preferences (Cmd-,)
3. At the bottom of the preferences palette, you will see a drop-down menu title “Manage…”. Click this and select “Save Preferences…”
4. Move the file to your second computer using whatever method you prefer
5. Next, copy the Scivener folder from your Library/Application Support folder to the second machine in the same location. This will transfer all of your custom templates, export settings, script formats, and so on.
6. With the above folder copied over, start Scrivener on the second computer and access Preferences on it. Using the “Manage…” menu, select “Load Preferences…” and select the file you generated in step 3 above. "

I’m trying to move Scrivener & scrivener files from an external HD to a laptop. I can find the Preferences & Preference Panes folders, but no Scrivener in either one of them. I cannot get past #1 on your matrix.

No, you won’t have access to the external drive?

You don’t have to go into your Library at all for this part, there is no need to look in the Preferences folder or PreferencePane folder (actually that is for the entire computer, not any of the applications you run). So, on your home computer, when you view Scrivener’s preferences (it’s in the menu called “Scrivener” up there next to the Apple), you should get a window with a bunch of settings in it. At the very bottom is a drop-down menu called “Manage…”, next to the Defaults button. You can save your preferences to the external drive using that.

But honestly, if you were unaware of Scrivener’s preferences pane, there probably is no need to even take this step. Whatever settings you have on the original computer will probably be identical on the laptop if you’ve never changed anything.

Now if you aren’t going to be bringing the external drive with you, you’ll want to copy Scrivener and your projects over to the laptop’s internal hard drive, using the Finder. Once Scrivener is in the laptop’s Applications folder, you can drag it to the Dock from there. Now try unplugging the external drive from it and running Scrivener. If you’ve never done this before, you’ll have to insert your registration information the first time. Try loading any of the projects you copied over and if everything works you are good to go.

It’s for the most part a simple process of copying the application and your projects from one computer to another. The rest of the instructions are for people who have a lot of custom settings, templates, and so on. It’s optional.

Sorry for the cheekiness, but you are a semiotician into ontology & lexical neural constructs. :wink: Thanx for the quick reply. I’m wondering if it’s like DevonThink, whose forum denizens told me to:

“Just install the application on the second mac, then copy the folder ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/ and finally copy your databases. Copying the preferences is usually not recommended.”

If I were to substitute Scrivener for DevonThink, would these instructions work?

Yes, that would copy Scrivener and its templates over to the new computer. The same guideline to not copy preferences also applies. If you do want to save your colour and font settings and all that, this is what the Manage menu in the preferences window is for.


OK. I’ll give it a try. Thank you.


It works. AmberV, you may want to reconsider your How To in light of this thread. The Devon How To was clear & terse, & seemed to make immediate sense.

Okay, thanks, I’ll take a look at it.


It worked: Up & running. Thanks for hanging in there with me.