Moving Scrivner/projects to a new computer

I’m getting a new computer and I’ve only just got Scrivener set up on the current one. Sigh. What do I have to be aware of, if anything, when setting it up on another computer?

Here’s what I was going to do:

Download the latest file and install it on the new computer.
Put in my registration #
Copy the complete Scrivener folder (which includes the project file and other stuff) over to the new computer.
Go back to work.

Is it hopefully as simple as that?

And would I go through the same thing in order to set up Scrivener on my travel computer?


Your project files are the ones ending in .scriv. So long as you copy the entire thing, you should be fine. If memory serves, you can use the license on 5 different computers. I’ve nuked 3 different WINE directories (like nuking a Windows partition) in the same day, each with a Scrivener install, and I was fine for the license.

But yeah. Better to back up too much than too little.

Don’t forget about the various “global” settings for Scrivener like Compiler presets.
For Win XP these are in:

C:\Documents and Settings<your user name>\Local Settings\Application Data\Scrivener\Scrivener

oh yeah, or under options, save settings, then load that *.pref file into your new Scrivener. It works between Linux and Windows versions too, btw. :slight_smile:

That would be Tools > Options > Manage button > Save Preferences…