Moving sections around

I’ve been using Scrivener Windows Beta for Nanowrimo for the last couple of days and mostly I’m enjoying it. I wish I’d spent the days before Nano started familiarizing myself with the program before I started rather jumping straight in. Even with the video tutorial, some things took some getting used to.

And then today happened. I blame it again on me trying to figure out the program, rather than any real bug, per se. Except: Is there any way to specify where a new text sections gets inserted? There doesn’t appear to be any way to have it go at the beginning. Or move it easily to the beginning without it becoming a branch/folder? When I was trying to move it around I wound up with a blank text section and one of my existing sections (about 500 words worth) inside it. Thinking to get rid of blank one first, I deleted it and lost the work that was inside it. There didn’t seem to be any way to undo my mistake either. I had an easier time arranging things in the corkboard view.

I found my missing work! I’d forgotten about the Trash folder. I feel like an idiot panicking over that.

The things you learn…

You may find an answer under
Problems moving and rearranging files or documents
in this same forum.

You can move sections to where you want them.
Hope this helps.