moving shapes into/within shapes (nifty shapes turn gray)


thanks for the new scapple. great stuff.

found something that may be a bug… or a feature.

tried moving a smaller shape into larger shape. in the beta scapple this was a bit rough and cumbersome. in scapple 1000 it is possible but there’s something funny going on.

i can move a larger shape into a smaller one in a two stage carry. drag the smaller shape half way into the larger one. release it. then pick it up and move completely into the larger shape. all is well (maybe) and the larger shape does not turn gray - indicating a link created.

BUT if in the course of the move, the cursor pointer crosses the blue outline of the original shape position, the larger shape turns gray. now instead of moving the smaller shape, you have a link.

if you are dragging a smaller shape within a larger one, there is another effect. the moment the cursor pointer crosses the blue line the larger shape turns gray. when the smaller shape is released, nothing happens. no link. no move.

feature or bug?


Sorry for the late reply. The behaviour you’re describing where you get the grey without a link does sound like a bug, but I’m not able to reproduce this. Could you perhaps get a quick screencast showing this? To double-check, did you confirm the link’s absence by dragging the note back out from the larger one? If the notes overlap, the connection will not be visible, even though it exists.


no rush. you guys need to rest too. 7th day…

glad to help you. could you direct me as to what it is you want screencasted and how do i do one.

thank you

Thanks, it’s this part that sounds possibly buggy:

You should be getting a connection, although you will need to separate the shapes in order to see it–if they’re overlapping, it won’t be visible, as I said, so a first step here is to ensure you really don’t have a link by dragging the shapes apart. If you do that, without getting the grey again (which would signal you’re undoing the connection) and the shapes do not have a connection line between them, then somewhere it went buggy. I can’t reproduce that, though, so a screencast showing exactly how and where you are dragging might help. I’ve found Jingp a free and easy tool for creating and uploading screencasts.