Moving stuff from one project to another

Hi all,
Can anyone help with this. I have project where I collect ‘seeds’ for stories, characters, themes etc. There are thousands of these. Not all of them make it out of the ‘nursery’. For this reason I do not want to create a new project for each new seedling. Each little bugger may have weeks or months (even years!) of germination time, in an idle, toying-with-it, kind of way. But when one looks promising enough to be worth serious concerted development, and I need to give it its own project space.

Is there a way in Scrivener to transplant it to its own project without losing anything in the way of icons, formatting, columns etc of the original?


You should just be able to open a new project, and then drag whatever documents you want from the Nursery’s binder to the new project’s binder. This is a copy action, not a move, but it carries over notes, annotations, synopses, and most (if not all) metadata. The best way to be sure is to copy a file or folder with various kinds of extra information and formatting, and see how it turns out.

How do you do that in the Windows version? In Scrivener for Windows, it’s possible to duplicate a file or folder but not to copy it in the “copy to clipboard” sense.

When your seedling is ready for transplantation, create a new project using the template of your choice (File > New…), and open that project. Then open the nursery project where all your ideas are germinating, so that both projects are open at once. Arrange the two open project windows so that you can see the binder of the new project while the nursery project is in focus. Then drag the seedling files or folders from the binder of the nursery project to the binder of the new project. This creates a copy, in that they appear in the new project but are not removed from the existing project.

I hope this helps,