Moving Styles from Mac to iOS?

I use a boiler-plate starting document to create my articles in Scrivener iOS, to provide a template for all the YAML and other stuff I want to remember to do. I duplicate the starting article and then rename and edit to create the article.

Is it the case that if I were to create that boiler-plate article in Scrivener for Mac, I could define all the styles there, and they would carry over to the iOS project? If so, and it’s not obvious how to do it, please point to some instructions.


You don’t have to do anything special. Just load the project on the Mac or PC, edit the stylesheet to your liking in that environment, and then copy it back to the mobile device.

The project’s stylesheet will be available from the “format brush” icon, and updates made to it in the future will be reflected there.

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File won’t open in Mac Scrivener, saying

The project at “/Users/ron/Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener/aaRJdotComArticle.scriv” seems to be of an older format, but no binder.scrivproj file could be found inside it. It may be missing or corrupt, possibly because of a problem with the device on which it is stored, or because of a synchronisation problem.

Try ctrl-clicking on the project in the Finder and selecting “Show Package Contents”, then look for a file entitled ‘binder.scrivproj’. Ensure it has not been renamed by a backup routine. If it does not exist, try restoring from a backup.

File works fine in iOS. I use a duplicate of it every day. Contents includes another file of the same name.scrivx, plus Mobile and Settings folders. I don’t see any binder.scrivproj file.

I’m assuming this is just an incredibly old file that never got upgraded somewhere along the way, since when I have updated Scrivener Mac I don’t go around opening all the Dropbox files. I further assume that my only hope if I want to fiddle the styles will be to recreate the file?


OK, that wasn’t too hard. I had a bit of trouble that I’ll report here in case it’s helpful to others.

First, I got the file in the wrong place. It needs to be in Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener. Second, it appears that its name must include the .scriv suffix, and somehow it didn’t as saved, so I renamed it in Finder. Third, don’t forget to resync the iOS Scrivener or it won’t see the new file.