Moving Table of Contents

I’d like to move my ToC, which currently appears immediately after the cover of my epub novel. I called up a blank document and inserted <$toc> into it and positioned it after Copyright. See attachment below. But CONTENTS continues to appear immediately after the cover, while the Table of Contents page is a blank page with <$toc> in it following the Contents. I tried Compiling the blank page both “As is” and without ticking it. No luck.
What am I doing wrong?

In the File -> Compile -> Layout pane, enter the title of the document that should contain the TOC.


Katherine–Thanks. I did that already (but didn’t mention it in my query–sorry): Table of Contents and moved it to the end of my Backmatter.

Success! Thanks to Katherine’s nudge. I renamed Table of Contents to CONTENTS and saved as is. The toc is now at the back. Yay!