Moving templates from tutorial to live project

Hi everyone,

Have taken the plunge and downloaded for iOS, one quick question is how can I move the templates folder from the tutorial project into the live project that I’ve created, assuming I can,

Thanks in advance and looking forward to getting more involved in the forum,



Hi Eyestorm,

On creating a Templates folder: In the Tutorial either pull down on the Binder/sidebar to expose the search function then search for Document Templates, OR, navigate there – Draft > The Main Interface > Document Templates. A good description is there.

The short: You create a root folder outside of Draft, name it what you will, select it in the Binder, slide it to the left, tap More and one of the options is to Set as Template Folder. (If you import/sync a project from desktop Scrivener that contains a Template folder, it’ll come with.) Create sheets within with whatever suits you.

On the template sheets that came in the Tutorial: You can use those ones in particular by selecting one, then using a share option to export. Either use the square icon with the up pointing arrow in the Editor footer, or slide the sheet left in the Binder/sidebar, tap More and choose Share. Close the Tutorial, then import into an open project.

Edit: Instead of going through the instructions I posted about transferring the Tutorial template sheets, use the clipboard to copy from the tutorial and then paste into a sheet in your project. That wouldn’t work for me yesterday. Silly of me to not realize my iPad couldn’t copy and paste because of some type of OS problem rather than a Scrivener issue. :blush: A device force restart fixed it. Sorry if I wasted anyone’s time.