Moving text between documents using drag and drop?

In Scrivenings mode, is there a way to move (not copy) highlighted text between documents using drag and drop?

I’m not an expert, so take this with a grain of salt…

From looking in the manual and experimenting a bit, it appears that moving highlighted text using drag and drop works only within a document. Regardless of whether in scrivening mode or not. Regardless of whether have the same document up in both editor windows.

Within a given document, dragging and dropping selected text appears to do a move (cut/paste).
Between documents, dragging and dropping selected text appears to basically do a copy/paste.

Best I can see for what you want is one of two scenarios… cautious and adventurous…

  • Cautious - Select desired text, drag to desired location in other document (elsewhere in scrivening or other window), then go back and delete the still selected original text in the original document.
  • Adventurous - Select desired text, cut, click in desired location in other document, paste.

Thanks. Indeed, it’s not difficult to get around it. But I move text so often between documents that it gets tedious. I was hoping a prefixed drag and drop using a combination of Ctrl, Shift, Alt would move text. But all the ones I’ve tried copy text instead.

This is my experience too. I don’t use scrivenings mode much, but I often have two editor windows open and drag text from the document in one to the document in the other. The result is the same as in scrivenings: the text is copied to the target, but remains present and highlighted in the source. I too would like to see a move option made available as well.

Move via drag and drop isn’t technically possible in Scrivenings right now because of how the mode works by stacking editors on top of one another; there are problems and a potential for dataloss trying to make the drag act like a move. When Scrivenings is overhauled in the next major update to better integrate the displayed documents, we hope to get the drag and drop move working smoothly. For now, the original selection should remain focussed after the drop, so you can press Delete or Backspace to remove it after the copy.