moving text from research into draft and having it linked

Apologies in advance for any ignorance shown but I’ve just downloaded the software to evaluate.

I would like to know if I can move selected blocks of text from a document in the Resarch folder into a draft document and have it be linked? That is, be able to click on the text I’d moved into the draft document and have it find the exact spot in the source research document it was lifted from? And ultimately use the link to create a footnote?

This would be a key feature for me to have as a user, and from the documentation it’s not clear how this can be done. Any guidance would be most welcome.


Thanks for trying Scrivener.

No, there’s no way of doing this directly. You can create Scrivener links, but they only link to documents, not to particular places within documents. You can also add references to the document inspector (which again link to the document as a whole).

All the best,

Thanks Keith. Any plans to include this feature in future releases?

No, sorry. I haven’t started thinking about 3.0 yet, though, so who knows. :slight_smile: