Moving The License To The App?

This may sound like an odd request but here’s the deal…

I’m a student. I manage all my bigger projects and papers with Scrivener. I carry my iPod and my papers with me at all times. I keep the app on my iPod. I run it from there all the time. But I have to key it everytime and deleting the preferences when I’m done rather than just keying my copy. That would be really helpful. Thanks for the consideration.

Having just read your post, it reads as though youve missed out what exactly` it is that would be helpful to you You may wish to alter the post accordingly :wink: :smiley:

I won`t be able to answer your query, but sooner rather than later someone will be along who can.
Take care, and welcome to Scriv :smiley:

The request is for the key to be stored in the app bundle instead of in a user profile. This makes it possible to move the scriv app to any mobile drive and take a legal copy with you. Problem is that you can move the scriv app to and mobile drive take a legal copy with you then move it to the local drive and you have an illegal legal copy.

KB is a better person than I am so he might be ok with this.

I certainly understand piracy concerns, but realistically the software can be easily pirated as is. I’ve already bought the license, and you need to have a valid key to do this anyways. So if someone’s intent is piracy, that’s already possible. Perhaps it does make it easier, but if you see a key’d copy circulating the net, you’ll at least know who leaked it as their license file will be in the app. In anycase, I certainly understand if you don’t want to accordingly, but it would be very helpful. I’d just like to carry my legit copy with me. Thanks for the consideration.

It would wind up on a p2p network and all hell would break loose especially on the boards and under tech support. The idea of keying the App would connivence one in a situation as yours but would hamper the overall SCR experience for everyone because it would become a “free software” passed around.

Your situation is unique because of your situation but it does not stop you from using it where if the app was keyed and it got out onto P2P it is just a download away from the support sections being swamped with requests for help.

Many software writers have moved away from “keying an app” because of this scenario especially with the ease of P2P sharing versus kracking an app or using a serial database to key an app which prevents the average warez person from downloading and sharing it or for a person to take the “keyed app” and add a payload then distribute it across the net in order to build a botnet like Storm. Although Mac Users don’t fear virus/trojan too much the path of the Keyed app (especially one as popular as SCR) could lead to more trouble that would far outweigh the inconvenience of having to rekey the app when you move it to another machine.

Imagine a key copy with a botnet payload that hits the P2P network. It spreads and then all of a sudden SCR has earned a bad reputation and support is discontinued because Keith is overwhelmed with warez kiddies asking for help and he quits developing SCR and just focuses on his book(s) instead of constantly supporting us and tweaking his nova hot code and then the world ends and all the writers commit mass suicide or worse switch to Microsoft Word!

You could always hack together a custom installer (maybe using applescript) that would install and Key your copy and then another script that would remove the preferences once done to automate things a little more for ou so it is less of a hassle but I didn’t suggest that and I would not recommend that because that would not be very pigeony of me and of course a hack like that wouldn’t be supported…