Moving to MacBook Pro advice

I’m moving to a 2.16 MacBook Pro running 10.5.8 from a 1.42 Mini running 10.5.8 - should I upgrade to SL before or after loading the pertinent stuff from the Mini?



Do all your OS upgrades first. Then install any apps that you want to use. Next move over files that you want, but do yourself a favor an put them in a transfered folder and only copy them into your actual working home directory once you know you need something.

That is how I would do it. You may want to just use the migration tool for the last one though.

Do you have a Time Machine backup from the older computer? I did this a while back when upgrading from a MacBook plastic to a MacBook Pro. I just plugged the TM drive into the new computer, ran the install disc and chose the restoration from a TM backup option. It’s just about the most painless way to migrate to a new computer. All of your applications and user folder will be there. If you go that route, I recommend logging out of your Mini, then log back in with the shift key held down and manually run a TM backup from the status bar menu. This will make sure the backup copy has nearly every file closed and up to date. About five months after I did that, I updated to Snow Leopard. Zero issues doing that.

But if you go another route that is less automated, the suggestions above are good. Get your system upgraded and stable, then migrate personal data.

Forgot TM. This is much less painful if you don’t mind the OS upgrade later.