Moving window

I’m getting some information from Billboard’s archives. I minimize Scrivener to get it out of the way while I move Billboard around. When I restore Scrivener, you move it to the middle of the screen. This is not how Windows works. It should restore to the same place it was when I minimized it. There is no good reason to move it. Leave it where it was.

Thanks, I’ll ensure this is on the bug list.

Actually, could you let me know what version of Windows you’re running and verify which version of Scrivener (via Help > About Scrivener)? In testing this on Windows 7 I’m not reproducing the problem you describe; minimized windows are restored to their proper size and location, even in a dual-monitor set up. I am aware though that some people are having a different experience with windows not being opened to the correct monitor, and I wonder if this may be a related symptom of the bug. And on that note, are you using more than one monitor?