Mr X on the move?

Mark, I’ve just noticed you’ve changed your location to Exeter and London. No longer in China? That must be a bit of a shock!

Best, Martin.

That’s just what I was going to ask the other day, but I got sidetracked elsewhere. :blush:
Could be, Martin, that Mark is on holiday. I suspect he’d tell the rest of Scriv’s, ne’r-do-'ells and deadbeats if he was moving back to Albion.

Anyway, Mark, whatever mischief you’re getting up to…enjoy!! :smiley:

Take care y’all,

Well, I’m in the next phase of my “retirement strategy”. I’m here in the UK until after the Spring Festival 2013, i.e. sometime in February. Then the plan is to go back for one more semester to finish the round of courses that were set up for me. Courses are on three-year cycles at Xiamen University, and I’ve taught mine twice so far … and there isn’t any one else there who can teach them. I don’t think I’m indispensable, but to make any sense two of them at least really need a native English speaker with a knowledge of Chinese from a linguistic point of view and experience of translating from Chinese to English and the issues that occur in translations into English by native Chinese speakers.

So, one more semester then I retire fully … I’ll be nearly 68 and I reckon that’s enough. I’m also running out of steam on doing a job which makes me feel partly responsible for how other people get on in their lives, which is the lot of any genuine teacher, I believe.

So we have our house in London and now a flat in Exeter as our daughter, husband and granddaughter are in Exeter. I love it down here, and would happily move entirely, but my wife is a Londoner and would find it more difficult.

So a few more months here; then about 5 months back in China; then back here, but with visits to China for pleasure when circumstances and cash make it possible.

So thanks for your interest. What am I going to do when I’m fully retired? Volunteer for the National Trust? Give courses for the “University of the Third Age”? Do an Open University Degree? I don’t know … probably the first, the other two I’m still thinking.