MS cannot sell Word with XML capability

Federal Court hands down judgment:

No more XML from MS

What? That is completely insane! How does this affect the gazillion other programs that use an XML file format? OpenOffice, Pages, Final Draft? The .epub format? Just about every OS X .plist file ever? I’ll have to read a few more articles on this for more details, but from first glance this seems completely stupid, just someone trying to squeeze a big company for some cash, and somehow winning.

Could be more of a specific extension (note the “custom” word throughout) that others licensed or used per AUP. The details are too sketchy to really start worrying too much at this point.

According to CNET, I4i Chairman Loudon Owen says, “We’re not seeking to stop Microsoft’s business and we’re not seeking to interfere with all the users of Word out there.” He added that this week’s ruling orders an injunction only against Word shipping in a form that uses I4i’s custom XML technology.

Not that anything as evanescent as a court order is likely to slow down MS.


It sounds as if its Java all over again. I think the headless horseman is right :slight_smile:. I think the key word here is “custom”.

Ah. The linked article was misleading in the way it just talked about “XML”. It does indeed sound like there is just an aspect to the particular XML format they object to…