MS Word export leads to deep bottom margin

When I compile to .doc, the bottom margin in MS Word turns out very large/deep, even though the margin setting is set for 1-inch in Scrivener compile settings, and says 1-inch in the MS Word document window.

I am using Scrivener 2.3.1 and MS Word 2011.
I am not using a footer for Word.
I am using the most updated MS Word converters.

If I reduce the bottom margin from 1.0 to .7 in MS Word, there is a huge improvement. I get the appearance of a 1-inch margin. (The .3 change seems to affect a much greater change.)

Any setting I can change in Scrivener, or feature I can turn off, that will allow a 1-inch margin setting to produce a 1-inch margin in Word? (If someone were to look at my page settings, I wouldn’t want to give the appearance that I’m fooling with page margins when I send out this document.)

Thanks for your help.

I’ve never heard of a problem like that before, so I don’t have an easy answer for you. In Word, is the margin actually at +1" in the vertical ruler, or is there something else there in between the margin and the text that is somehow adding space? When you set the bottom margin at 0.7", is that where the bottom margin marker is in Word as well?

Have you applied any sort of “Keep with Next” that might be affecting this? (So reducing the margin is enough to allow the attached lines to both appear before the page break.) Check if you have “Avoid widows and orphans” selected in the Layout pane of Compile. That can sometimes give oddly deep bottom margins, so if it is checked try turning it off and compiling again to see if there’s any improvement.

Thank you for posting! Really appreciated your suggestions.