MS Word importing

I have just downloaded the trial of Scrivener and have imported my first 2 chapters from MS Word 2003. I note 2 problems that appear in Chapter 2 that do not appear in Chapter 1:

  1. I see that the formatting (paragraph indent, line spacing etc.) has changed. How can I get it back, or do I have to reformat each chapter?
  2. I note that appearing before my imported Word, there appears to be additional text - it seems to be certain phrases, character names, etc. that are in the imported chapter, but that was not included in my original text. Where might this be coming from?

Check that the problematic document had the correct file extension before it was imported (most likely “.doc”). If it doesn’t have the correct file extension, it gets imported as plain text - no formatting - and will have lots of strange characters in it. Actually, if it was a .doc file, it would have appeared as gibberish - so maybe it was an RTF file? Otherwise, try opening the file in TextEdit and see if that has the same problem - Scrivener uses the OS X standard importers, the same as TextEdit.

Thanks for your speedy reply “across the pond”.
Is there a way I can reformat the entire document (double-line spacing, paragraph indent), or do I need to reformat each chapter at a time as it is imported into my manuscript? If so, please tell me the steps I need to follow to do so.

Check out “convert formatting to default text style”.

You can apply that command to one document or to everything in the binder.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure the default text style is the style you want, and you do that in the preferences!