MS Word to Scrivener: Bringing over Track Changes

I work in a research agency on collaborative projects. We use MS Word for shared documents, and make a lot of use of the Track Changes mode for editing manuscripts. I want to use Scrivener for my main writing platform, but I’m alone in that regard. I would really like to be able to bring the recommended edits from my colleagues back into Scrivener without retyping them. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this?

I can only suggest that you search the forums. This scenario has been discussed various times, and if you search you should be able to find the threads where people have offered suggestions and work-rounds. It’s not something that I do myself, but from what I have read on the forums it is not the most comfortable way of working.


Thanks to mbbntu for the recommendation. I’ve looked around a bit more and found many great suggestions.

In brief, I believe the common advice is to open the document in Word and fix the changes to text, then copy and paste the text back into Scrivener section by section. The key ingredient is on Scrivener’s side of things: the snapshot performs both the function of backup and change tracking. So if you create a snapshot prior to pasting in the modified text, you can open the snapshots pane, click the Compare button, and flip through changes. Snapshots are stored until you delete them, so it is a bit like having a stack of “Save As” versions for each item in the binder.

Or print the Word doc to PDF (with track changes displayed) then import that into Scrivener as a resource document.