MSword/ Office 365 update and Scrivener

Does ayineknow about any problems with the most recent update from MSword / Office 365 and Scrivener? Word works fine until I open Scrivener than one I click back on word it freeze my computer. On a mac and updates are current.

Well, Scrivener hasn’t changed. Have you contacted Microsoft support? Word shouldn’t care what you do outside of its window.


Yes I’ve been on with them for hours. It only happens when I have Scrivener open.

What are the specs on your computer? Only thing I can think of would be the computer running out of resources, but even then I wouldn’t think a “crash” would occur. If you run out of ram, it’ll just hit the swap… Maybe out of disk space?

I’ve just opened Word and Scrivener together without a hitch. Looks like it must be something specific to your computer and its setup. When I have “mysterious” problems I usually think it is worth running Onyx or some similar utility just to make sure permissions and other basic stuff are as they should be.

Thanks, everyone. After four hours (straight) on the phone with 3 increasing levels of support, we determined that when my scrivener document was compiled it threw something weird in the file that made it freeze MS Word. This has never happened in the 10 years I’ve been using Scrivener and MS Word together. And I suspect it will never happen again. I went back and recompiled and everything was fine.

Appreciate the input,

Truly bizarre. If you’re able to make it happen again, could you send us the project? Send it to our support address here: