Multi-change document/folder metadata

Sometimes when I revise a document I’m finding myself needing to change the metadata on multiple items at once - like all the scenes in a chapter folder - and I would love the ability to highlight every item in a folder and change, let’s say, their Status or “Include in Compile” metadata with one or two clicks. As it stands now the Inspector bar where you can make those changes functionally disappears when more than one document or folder is selected so you have to change each one individually.

You can do these things fairly easily in Scrivener already…

If you right-click on one of the selected documents, there are contextual menu items for changing Label and Status, among other things. “Include in Compile” is a selectable column in outliner mode–if you select multiple documents and then view them in outline mode, you can alt-click on the Include in Compile check-box of one of them to toggle all of the documents in that view.