Multi-document select all

Are there any plans to make the windows version function like the mac version in the scenario of multiple documents selected in view mode, where select all selects all of the text across all of the documents vs the currently active document in the list?

That sounds convoluted. Let me try again just in case.

If you select multiple documents in “view document” mode…

On Mac: You can then select-all in the text window, and select the text of all documents at once. This is handy when you need to change a font and don’t want to piecemeal it one document. At. A. Time.

On windows beta: You hit select all, but only the text of the currently active document in the set of documents is selected.

Not sure if this would be a bug or more of a feature for cross-compatible-experience. Thanks!

-A Guy That Does Dumb Things With Font Changes Instead Of Writing

Can’t speak to the development plans, but there’s no need to effect a multi-doc font change piecemeal in the Beta. We can select our target docs in the Binder, run Documents > Convert > Text to Default Formatting and then at the prompt check Convert Font Only. Of course we’d first change the default font to the desired font for temps if necessary.

Rgds - Jerome

Yep, that works for one document. But when you have sixty documents, it is currently easier to load it on a Mac and do it than try and do it in windows. (I glossed over that the convert utility is what I’m using in this scenario).

FWIW, although I used font changes as an example, other example uses include being able to spell check select documents, etc.

No, the technique will work for sixty documents at once. Just make sure your pane focus remains in the Binder. As for spell check, I’m pretty sure the developers have acknowledged that Scrivenings under Windows will not match the Mac version’s behavior on Select All. It’s apparently not achievable in the framework. Enhancing the batch functions available on multi-select would be the next best thing.

Rgds - Jerome

Thanks for the tip! Looks like that only works for two documents at a time though? When i tested, if I selected two documents the convert dialog appears, if I select three or more documents it just never generates the convert dialog.

(Really do appreciate the tip and the info on the framework, btw)

Hi Mike - If you’re not getting the convert dialog, chances are excellent that your focus is on one of the editor panes. Try Navigate > Move Focus To > Binder or just make sure that a Binder doc is the last item you click before running Documents > Convert. If there’s no prompt with multiple binder items selected and the binder pane has focus, then you may have found a bug. But I have not been able to reproduce it to this point.

Cheers - Jerome

Even more "Ah!"s - focus leaves the binder at >=3 files being selected. And at this point, I’m so far removed from my original bug question I feel like I should ease away from the forums…

Mike actually I’d say you have indeed unearthed a bug, so you’ve already made a real contribution to the beta test. I hope you’ll stay in the forum. :smiley:

However it is that the editor pane obtains focus, the Convert Text command should really be disabled when there’s no document selected, because otherwise there’s no dialog prompt and no operation, and the user is left to wonder what just happened. Particularly if they’re seeing multiple documents selected in the binder sans focus.
ConvertDocNoFocus.png1. The Convert Text command is enabled, but it’s not going to do anything because the Editor/Outliner pane has focus and there’s no selection within.

Team Scrivener please weigh in. Bug or not? Edit: I’ve made this a bug report since the original topic is only tangentially related.

Cheers - Jerome

Off topic: I ashamed of how simple my binder looks in comparison.

To the Scrivener Beta tutorial? It’s at least ten years in the making.

What about the original question?

Is/will there be a way to CTRL-A (or CTRL-A twice) to select all texts currently being shown under a Scrivenings view in Windows?

I just want to be able to quickly copy that text to clipboard.

It is a challenge to provide all documents into one editor, but still edit them individually using the Qt framework. This is not something we can achieve for the official release. Still we provide a menu entry that allows you to select and copy all the text within the documents in the Scrivenings view.

The menu entry is right click within the editor > “Copy All Documents”

Excellent, Tiho, I didn’t know we could do that!

Perfect! Thanks

(Not sure if this is good UX practice, but maybe show a brief tooltip explaining that if a user tries CTRL-A while in Scrivenings view )