Multi document snapshot naming makes no sense

Why, when I create a snapshot for at least 2 documents, and then subsequently change the name of the snapshot, is the change not reflected on the other documents?

Just for example I have over 20 documents and I have to individual change the names for 19 of them and it’s just too frustrating. Please fix.

I have no idea what you mean by all that. Why should changing the name of anything cause other things to change names?

Because it’s all the same snapshot across many documents.

Two documents cannot have the same snapshot. Each document has its own snapshots (or none). I think you mean something very different from what you’re saying.

Under windows, where ctrl-5 takes a snapshot of selected documents, ctrl-shift-5 allows you to bulk name it.
But as @drmajorbob said, there is no reason for these snapshots to behave as a group after the fact.


It’s a group of snapshots made at the same time, not one snapshot.

To put it to a comparison, using the Snapshot command on a multi-document selection is a lot more like selecting 20 .txt files in Finder and using the Duplicate command. Just because you duplicated them together doesn’t make them forever bound to one another. If you rename one duplicated file, the other 19 do not change. They are all separate files at that point, which is very close to how Snapshots work internally: separate files.