Multi-Labels/character lines

I tried looking to see if someone suggested something similar but didn’t quite know what keywords to use…
I use the label system to keep track of perspective with different colors representing different characters, and that got me thinking about keeping track of which scenes involved which characters. So being able to use multiple labels Id know that a scene had character A and D but not B or C and so on. Then I thought, using something similar to the colored lines from “arrange by label”, creating character lines showing the “path” of each character through the story. This wouldn’t have to be only for character tracking, that’s just how I first thought of it, it could be used to follow plotlines, if you have side plots weaved throughout your story this could help you keep track for changes you wanna make, or If you have a twist with hints sprinkled in here and there this could help you string them together. Just an idea.

You can assign multiple keywords per document, so that’s a good way to keep track of “who appears when” type questions.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing like the “lines” Corkboard view for keywords, and I’m not sure how such a view would work. If A, B, and C all appear in a document, which line gets the card?


Main label and sub-labels, the document is always on the main label line with “strings” connecting to the sub-labels

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This would be awesome. It would also be cool to have the possibility to add images (e.g., svg, png,…) so that it is easy to see what’s going on without reading the description.

I’ve been lamenting the fact that there is no “lines” Corkboard view available for keywords, and I can’t really see why it wouldn’t work. The complication is only that a document with more than one keyword would appear on more than one track. It’s a visual requirement, there would be no physical duplication of the document. Multiple instances of the same document would always appear in the same column (assuming horizontal threads), so the binder order can be maintained. You could even come up with an algorithm for adding/deleting keywords when dragging cards between threads. Just hold down the ctrl key when dragging a card between threads to add the keyword of the target thread, otherwise replace the existing keyword.

Any scheme like this would need to be able to filter the threads shown, but that’s also an issue when using labels viz. we see one thread for every label created, even though the documents selected don’t include most of those labels - which does tend to make the view crowded.

Finally (just getting this off my chest), as a colour-blind person, I can’t tell which thread represents which label. Any chance of making a change to show the text of the label for each thread, say at the left edge of the editor window?


Would be awesome to be able to view keywords as threads, a little bit like viewing labels as threads.
…and maybe expand keynote with “metadata” for notes and value… (happy/sad, love/hate,…) :star:

Edit: would be nice with possibly to

  • Filter by keyword
  • Filter by keyword level
  • Merge levels and show chosen levels as one line
  • Show synopsis in card
  • Add value and note to specific usage of keyword and show/hide value as position in graph, show/hide note in keyword. (Realise that this might be trickier, since metadata can’t be added to keywords)

So, what insight are you trying to gain by this?

Thanks for the illustrations! I’ve merged your ideas into an existing thread on this topic.

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Ops! Sorry! Missed this topic. Thanks for merging!

perfect to track multiple subplots, or characters/things appearing/mentioned… clues, places… tracking situations (happy/sad, love/hate, rich/poor…)