Multi languages

Hi, I am new to Scrivener. I need to use English, Chinese and Hebrew in almost every single paragraph in the whole project. Can I set the default font for each language?

On the Mac you set the default font for such languages in System Preferences. However in Scrivener version 3, due out sometime soon, you can set Character Styles, which you will be able to use for such purposes.

Up to now, I have pretty much used the default from the system in Scrivener, compile to RTF, open the RTF in Nisus Writer Pro and use a macro to mark all stretches in Chinese as being in that language. That is merely a use of the basic concept behind Scrivener, that you can work on your text without distracting yourself about final page layout.

Note, I don’t know what is possible using the current Windows version, though v. 3, which we are told will come sometime next year, will have the same Style system as the Mac.