Multi-Link to a Subject


Although I’m not quite sure, I didn’t found anything like a Multi-Link option. Nor did I found it on the forum (and I hope I searched well enough).

For my research to be consistent, I use a lot of references. On many subjects I discover that I want to link it to several pages in my document. My present solution is to repeat the particular subject/word in a sentence (as an annotation) and make the next new link I need. Still this workaround is not satisfying.

Will it be possible to attach several links to one word/reference, which will be visible in a pop-up menu?

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I’m not sure if this is the same request, but I wish there was a “same as the last link” option in the Skrivener Link menu.

I’m making references as I make my way through one book, and I’d love to be able to just put a page number and hit “same book as the last link” without having to dig through the popup menus over and over.

Kinda like “recent projects” (if it was “last project”) in the file menu, a great time-saver.

There’s no way to make multiple links, I’m afraid, just as you can’t make multiple links in HTML. You can always add all the references you need to the References pane.

Accordion Noir - Scrivener 2.0 will put suggestions at the top of the Scrivener Links list based on the selected text, and there is also a “Favorites” feature that will put documents marked as favourites at the top of the list. For most purposes, these should, I hope, be more useful than a “Same as last”.

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