(Multi)Markdown, Headings, Trailing Hashes

Hello, I have already looked through this forum for an answer, but didn’t find anything - maybe this is because I don’t exactly know whether my problem is caused by Scrivener, by MultiMarkdown or maybe something else… So if the answer is here, please forgive me - I really looked.

I am using the latest version of Scrivener (Mac) to produce LaTeX source code via MultiMarkdown. Today I created a new project with some folder structure, and in this project, unlike my previous ones, headings are exported with trailing hashes, e.g.:

# Section Title #

instead of

# Section Title

This confuses my LaTeX source code, where the trailing hashes still exist, resulting in something like

\section{Section Title #}

Is this a versioning problem with either Scrivener or MultiMarkdown? (I installed the “full” version of MultiMarkdown on my system, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, under /Library… according to the directions.) If I use projects which I created earlier, I do not have this problem.

Thank you in advance!

Suffix hashes are an optional syntax in (Multi)Markdown. They are not required to make something a header, and how many of them you have really doesn’t matter. When I’m writing them out by hand instead of letting Scrivener generate them, I often use four on the right side just to make it more visible, no matter what the depth. But on that note, Scrivener has always placed a matching pair of hashes after the title name, ever since the first beta versions that had MMD integration.

So these really shouldn’t be coming up in LaTeX. Are you using the new MMD3 builds? There might be a bug in the workflow, which is new and not as tested as the version embedded in Scrivener.